Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post # 1 - About This Blog

More concept than physical entity, the "Smart Grid" could reduce power outages, reduce costs and pollution, enable the installation of more "green" technologies, and bring the US electrical system into the 21st Century. But the devil is in the details.

Why This Blog? There are many good and informative Smart Grid Blogs out there. Most primarily focus on the important technological and business issues the Smart Grid presents. But the Smart Grid also raises many important regulatory concerns at both the Federal and State level. My hope is that, with your help, this blog can promote discussion how regulatory concerns intersect with business and technological concerns.

About Me. I am a practicing attorney in Washington, D.C with 20 years' experience in the energy field. For about half that time, I was an enforcement attorney at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Now in private practice, I represent electric utilities, natural gas pipelines, and energy marketers. I also have served as Special Adviser to the New America Foundation's Energy Policy Advisory Counsel.

To Start the Ball Rolling: I recently completed a Smart Grid "primer" for the New America Foundation. Here’s the link:

I would like to use this to start our discussion.


Gerald Richman

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